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Totimoshi: Avenger Digipack CD


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Track Listing:

The Fool
Calling All Curs
Waning Divine

For the past 14 years under the name Totimoshi - Antonio Aguilar (guitar, vocals) and Meg Castellanos (bass,vocals) have been pounding out it's own brand of acid induced rhythmic Hendrix meets Dick Dale rock . Born in the high desert of Southern California just 30 minutes from the hometown of Frank Zappa and Capt. Beefheart main writer Antonio Aguilar definitely shares said composers love for adventure in music. Joined by Chris Fugitt (drums) in 2008 Totimoshi have carved out a sound all their own. A busy 2010 saw Totimoshi tour Europe with Mastodon and Eye Hate God and the US with the Melvins. So far 2011 has seen the band tour the west coast with Floor and finally finishing their latest full length 'Avenger'!